Viagra is No Longer Patent Protected in the UK

Sildenafil, widely known by its name brand, Viagra, has been around for over 15 years as a revolutionary in the field of erectile dysfunction. The diamond-shaped blue pill was created in the UK, in a Sandwich, Kent research facility operated by Pfizer. Before the advent of Viagra, “erectile dysfunction” was not even known as such but was instead known as “male impotence.” Sildenafil was originally created as a prescription medication to be used in the treatment of high blood pressure. It was only once it had been created that the researchers at Pfizer realized its truly ingenious (and profitable) use: improving male erections and performance by increasing blood-flow to the penis.


By campaigning with clever advertising and renaming “male impotence” to “erectile dysfunction,” Viagra has removed the majority of the stigma that once surrounded this medical issue. For a while, Viagra was even the fastest-selling drug in the United States. But even though its home-country is the UK, Viagra faces the challenge of losing its longstanding patent in the country. The pharmaceutical company now faces major opposition from competing companies who are able to sell the drug in its generic form because Viagra no longer owns the patent for sildenafil. The generic form of this medication is sold under its chemical name, which is sildenafil citrate. The loss of their patent also means a probable monetary loss for Pfizer, since the price of the blue pill will fall significantly in the UK, from £10 a tablet to perhaps less than £1.

Viagra still has a few years left on its patent in the United States, and it will continue to compete in the UK by releasing its own version of the generic form of the medication sildenafil citrate. Viagra still makes over $2 billion in revenue per year for Pfizer, and it is the company’s sixth biggest seller.

Now that sildenafil can be sold generically, the market is likely to grow significantly as it becomes less expensive and more available to consumers. Pharmaceutical companies and law enforcement alike also hope that the black market for Viagra, which has been a healthy one, will be reduced significantly because of this reduction in cost. Dr. Tom Brett, medical director of Lloydspharmacy Online Doctor stated on the subject:

“Hundreds of websites have been shut down and 68,000 illegal doses were seized last year – although it’s impossible to know the extent of the problem.”

Overall, the patent-loss for Pfizer could prove to be a positive step for those who are prescribed the medication and for the pharmaceutical community as a whole.

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Who Decides Whether to Censor Music On The Radio?

Music is censored quite often on the radio in the United States, in order to eliminate or reduce the use of profanity used on the radio. This censorship can actually take place at different phases in the life of a song.


Many artists and their record producers simply produce a version of their new albums that are censored. This serves two purposes: first, it increases sales because more parents are likely to allow their children to buy the album and listen to it if it contains strictly censored music, and second, radio stations don’t have to spend the time or resources to censor the songs for radio play. Producing a self-censored album also gives artists and producers control over how the songs are censored, which they would not have if the radio stations were to do the censoring. On the radio or on TV, censoring is done a number of ways, many of which detract from the listenability of a song. These methods include:

  • Bleeping


This is the most common version of censorship used on live television, but it is rarely heard on the radio anymore.


  • Disc scratching

This is used often in hip hop music that is played on the radio. Scratching the word makes the offending work said faster or slower, so that it cannot be understood.

  • Blanking

In this type of censoring, the volume of the song is simply muted for the duration of the profane word.

All of the methods above can cause a song to lose some of its quality, which is one reason why an artist may choose to record an alternate album where the profane lyrics are replaced with different lyrics, but the song still maintains its integrity.



Censorship is also sometimes forced by law due to copyright infringement.   Using a song without the original copyright owner’s permission is strictly prohibited. For that reason, there have been cases where songs played on the radio have to have certain lyrics censored.


Why Does Censorship Happen

Radio stations may choose to censor words in a song in order to keep listeners or appeal to more listeners by being a family friendly radio station, while still playing the latest music hits. The radio station may also be following strict legal guidelines that prevent them from playing songs that infringe on copyright laws. Most radio stations censor profanity in the songs that they play, but a few still do exist that play songs uncensored.

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Benefits of Aerobic Exercise for Men

Face it, aerobic exercise is not always the most enjoyable type of exercise, especially if you are a man. As a man, you probably prefer to lift weights or go on a run. This is certainly reasonable, but it also may not be the most effective method to improve your health. Aerobics are some of the best types of exercise methods that you can implement into your exercise regimen. To draw this point home, below are a few of the ways of which these types of exercises are highly worthwhile for you to undertake.

Quick and Effective Results

The first reason that you should adapt this type of exercise regimen into your routine is that aerobics are the type of exercise that leads to quick and effective results. Because this exercise is done on nearly a daily basis and because it creates leaner muscle mass, you’ll find yourself becoming leaner and more toned as the days go by. The results are also very noticeable, especially in areas such as your legs and torso. So, if you are looking to tone your legs and torso, aerobics are the best exercise to implement.

An Energy Boost

Another reason to use aerobics in your exercise regimen is that it is a highly effective method for boosting your energy throughout the day. The exercise allow you to feel invigorated, well after you perform your exercises. The reason behind this is that aerobics boosts your heart rate and it increases the strength of your heat. These effects are something that your body feels well throughout the day. So, if you are planning on getting any work done after the gym and performing aerobics, you can feel confident that you won’t be too tired or too unable to work like you want to.

Improved Heart Health

Finally, aerobics is one of the best ways to improve your general heart health. Aerobics works to target your heart and your circulation and because your heart is able to work harder and stronger, you’ll have improved effects over time. Improved heart health should be one of the main reasons that you do aerobics because developing heart problems is one of the most difficult and stressful challenges that you can face in life. Therefore, anything that is able to reduce your risk is well worth putting into your life. The fact that these exercises are fairly easy should also be a reason to implement them.

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Diets that Fight Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is one of the most challenging types of cancers that men sometimes have to deal with. If you have this type of cancer or are looking to reduce your chances of getting it, then you should think about changing a few aspects of your lifestyle. One of the most significant aspects that you can change is your diet. The good news is that a diet is also something that is something that can be easily altered, so you won’t have a tough time making healthier life choices. Below are a few dietary considerations to help or prevent this cancer.

A Fair Calorie Intake


The first thing that you need to do in terms of your diet is to make sure that your calorie intake is on the right track. Overconsuming too many calories can easily spell disaster because your body is unable to handle the excess and the excess also causes unnecessary weigh gain. The weight gain can be detrimental for your overall health and even the cancer. As a man, you should be trying to consume no more than about 3,000 calories per day. If you can even go lower than this number, you should be aiming to do that.


Another great way to help yourself prevent or improve your cancer situation is to take supplements. Dietary supplements can be bought at your local convenient store and they work by improving the overall performance and health of your body. For prostate health, there are actually a number of supplements that are designed to specifically target your prostate. So, when look thing through the supplements, you don’t need to target a certain type of mineral, but just the general supplement that promises improved prostate health. A common misconception is that Viagra, Cialis or other ED supplements work to prevent cancer (and sexually-transmitted diseases). Sadly that’s not the case.

Veggies for Health

Finally, if you are looking for a more concrete type of food, then you should look at vegetables. The best vegetables that are beneficial for your prostate health are broccoli and tomatoes. These two vegetables have an array of vitamins and minerals that are highly effective in targeting and improving the health of your prostate. Other than veggies, you can also consider drinking a great deal of green tea. Researchers have found that Asia has some of the world’s lowest occurrence of this type of cancer and one of the main reasons cited is that there is a high level of green tea consumption and such consumption fights and prevents the cancer.

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Common Lies to Watch for Online Dating Profiles

If you’re ever delved into online dating, then you know how much of a tricky and difficult process it can be. One of the particular challenges that online dating profiles have is that most individuals tend to lie on their profiles. As a result, it can make it difficult to ensure that you’re choosing the right individuals because their profiles are likely filled with lies. Rather than find yourself on a date with an individual who is contrary to your interests, you should know which lies are the most common. Watching out for the common lies on online dating profiles can prevent you from wasting your time and also help you find the right individual.

The Employment Conundrum


Online profiles are difficult to decipher as it is, but when you consider the issue of employment, things can become more challenging. When individuals create their online profiles, they are highly prone to enhancing their employment to seem more desirable to prospective online daters. Therefore, when you look at an online dating profile, you should always keep in mind that the employment listed may not be exactly what the individual does. This can lead you have different expectations when you go on a date with an individual.

The Problem with Appearance

Another common lie that people make in their online dating profiles is that they tend to “enhance” their appearance not only in their description, but also through the picture that they upload. This is especially inconvenient for you if you chose an individual based on their appearance. You’ll simply get to the date and notice that they are entirely different from what you thought they’d be. This can lead to disappointment and trust in the online dating world.

Their Interest

Lastly, this is the most type of innocent problem there is. There are individuals out there who will easily lie about their interests in order to seem more interesting. While this is a certainly reasonable lie, it does lead you to believe that an individual may be compatible with you when they really are not. In order to level the playing field and to ensure that you’re going on a date with the right person, you may just want to ask the individual what are their favorite interests among the ones that are listed. This will make make it seem like the questions you are asking are out of genuine curiosity and not out of distrust.

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